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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Jul 9, 2017

We have Kevin Terrell join us to discuss the economic impact of the cinematic film business around Atlanta. One of his vlogs that went viral and shared by Kodak when the return of Ektachrome was announced at CES!

Film is still relative in the digital world. We dive into why film is still great for archiving purposes.

We talk about the Jacques Lowe Exhibit at the Booth Museum. He was JFK's photographer on the campaign trail and during a portions of his presidency. 

Ektachrome is not the only film we're anticipating! CineStill Film has announced their 50D in medium format! Smaller companies are creating their own films like Zorki 100 speed black and white film than can pull to 50 and can push to 400.


Intro/Outro Music - Nkato


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