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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Aug 18, 2019

Erik Javi returns to the Blanket Fort to give us an update on his impressive collection of images from his 2,650 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. He shares his first iteration of the book, 2,650, depicting more than 170 images over 100 days of the trail hike from beginning to end.

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Aug 12, 2019

The creator for the Kodak 2238 Project, a community collaboration, Michael Bartosek, shares his reasons for starting a film community collaboration. Thirty people are given two rolls of Kodak 2238 black and white film. This is a low speed, fine grain, panchromatic film that is not commonly used for...

Aug 4, 2019

Steven is back from his proposal shoot in Banff National Park. He shares his story doing a stylized wedding shoot. Jordana discusses how some people people say her images don't look like it was shot with film. Bill shares his results scanning with the Negative Supply MK1 film carrier.

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