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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Jun 24, 2018

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Recent news rocked the Atlanta photography community that a photographer had been accused of sexually assaulting a model. As a result of the #metoo movement, Studio C-41 invites Julie Hunter, owner of Naturally Boudoir, to the table to discuss the often-unspoken atrocities of sexual assault in...

Jun 17, 2018

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John, Steven, and Bill are back at Dunwoody Photo to discuss their recent trip to Rochester. They talk about their biggest takeaways from their interview with Kodak. They also follow up on new updates from the one-on-one interviews Bill...

Jun 10, 2018

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Steven, John, and Bill travel to Rochester to interview Josh Coon with the Kodakery and 'Ektachrome Super Fan' Matt Stoffel. We learn about George Eastman, how film is made in the Kodak factory, and the film...