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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Aug 12, 2019

The creator for the Kodak 2238 Project, a community collaboration, Michael Bartosek, shares his reasons for starting a film community collaboration. Thirty people are given two rolls of Kodak 2238 black and white film. This is a low speed, fine grain, panchromatic film that is not commonly used for photography. Traditionally, this film is used for digital separation imagery. Then the photographers would develop them and share their images for a zine.

His project is going so well that it inspired me to take a horde of expired film that was kindly given to me from a friend and Fujfilm Representative, Brandon Remler. More details to come as I build out the specifics for the zine.

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You can now buy bulk-rolled Kodak 2238 at Michael's Etsy page!

Conversation Links:

Brad Pitt photos of Angelina Jolie shot on Kodak Tech Pan.