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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Oct 22, 2017

Steven and Bill jump into E6 Processing (Slide Film). We talk about our favorite slide film, how E6 compares to color negative (C-41), and why you should shoot E6 film!

Photo News:

Yashica releases the Y35 that uses digiFilm cartridges. Despite the successful kickstarter, the film community has been very critical of its release.

'I'm Back' is a Raspberry Pi powered digital back for your 35mm camera. Not exactly a new idea. Kodak had something similar to this built on the Nikon F3.

CatLABS has a teaser announcement about Deardorff large format cameras.

The Reflex camera is one of the first film cameras to be built in over 25 years.

Polaroid Originals has shipped out the highly anticipated One Step 2 and Steven got one!

Referenced Material:
Zack Arias' eBook: 'Get to Work: DEDPXL Business Primer'

Music Credit: Johan Lilja - The Improv