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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Oct 8, 2017

Steven and Bill interview Mary Margaret Cornwell, Curator of Photography for the Booth Western Art Museum. They discuss current and upcoming exhibitions.


Ansel Adams: The Masterworks (Extended to Nov. 5, 2017). Ansel Adams pushed photography as a medium for fine art and his work continues to have a powerful impact on current day photographers.



  • ‘Mount Williamson’
  • ‘Snake River Tetons’
  • ‘Welder’


Zoë Urness: Keeping the Traditions Alive (Nov. 16, 2017 – May 18, 2018). Zoë captures powerful imagery to preserve the traditions of indigenous people. Her images are captured to connect old ways of life to the modern Native American ways of life. Zoë was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for the image, ‘December 5, 2016’ which captures Native Americans and US Veterans together in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline passing through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.



  • ‘December 5, 2016’



Laura Wilson: That Day (Jan. 20 – Apr. 29, 2018). Laura captures a collection of images from the 1970’s to present that has shaped the American West. She is also noted to assist for Richard Avedon for 6 years in addition to documenting his project ‘In the American West’. She lives in Dallas Texas and is the mother to Hollywood actors Andrew, Owen, and Luke Wilson.




  • ‘Mesquite Tree with Coyotes’
  • ‘Hutterite Boy on Appaloosa’


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