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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Dec 20, 2017

Kevin, Steven, and Bill share their Christmas wishlist items. Bill and Steven talk about their experiences shooting FujiFilm Pro 400h, Kodak Ektar 100, and Portra 400 in the snow. One of those didn't come out as expected. Nikon has announced they're servicing various Nikon manual focus SLRs and Lenses.  Silberra has Indiegogo updates, and Kodak has launched the highly anticipated motion picture film business cards.


Show Notes:

Georgia has received the most snow since 1993. Areas accumulating as much as 8-10 inches. This was a prime opportunity for Bill and Steven to go out and #shootsomefilmdangit. Turns out FujiFilm Pro 400h doesn't handle overcast days very well and resulted in some really grainy images, even when the exposure compensation was adjusted 2 additional stops. The Ektar 100 resulted in some incredibly sharp images and handled the snow exposure very nicely.

Silberra Update! Silberra has sent out an email to their IndieGoGo backers that they are starting to fufill their December items very shortly. At the time of the recording, they haven't received the funds. They didn't meet their goals, however they've anticipated this and are moving to 'Plan B' which is to outsource their film manufacturing process.

Nikon has announced for a limited time only, they will be servicing the old Nikon F, manual focus SLRs and lenses. To our understanding, Nikon Japan is the only one this service is available to. Details outlining what exactly is being fixed can be found here:

Kodak has launched their Film Strip Creator product and service. CEO Jeff Clarke has been using business cards that are a form of motion picture projector film. It has gained incredible popularity and is now available to the consumers.

The Studio C-41 website is live! Right now content is just a location to post podcast episodes. However, more content will soon be coming! Check us out at!


Music Credit: Johan Lilja - The Improv