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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Dec 5, 2017

Steven, Bill, and believe it or not, KEVIN, interview Jay Musselwhite, the owner of Franklin Backdrops. They discuss how he paints a canvas backdrop, learn about his creative process in making a backdrop. Oh yeah, he shoots film too! We talk about that too!


Show Notes:

It's was a light photo news week:

Polaroid sues FujiFilm over the trademark of the shape of it's instant film. Do you think they have a legitimate argument or are we just splitting hairs?

Studio C-41 is an official sponsor of the Emulsive Secret Santa gift exchange. Three lucky people will be selected to receive some awesome film goodies from us!


Follow Jay Musselwhite on Instagram: @jaymus5
Follow Franklin Backdrops on Instagram: @franklinbackdrops


Music Credit: Johan Lilja - The Improv