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Studio C-41: 1 Hour Photo Podcast

Apr 29, 2018

(32 min, 28MB)
Article with images and links available on Website.

We interview Lomography General Manager, Christian Polt, and learn a little about the history of the company. Additionally, we discuss some of the products Lomography offers.

Lomography all started when some students traveled to Prague towards the end of the Soviet Union and came across a camera designed extremely closely to the Cosina CX-2. That camera is called the Lomo LC-A. This camera quickly built a cult following throughout Europe. Though the success of the LC-A and the 4-lens, SuperSampler, in Europe, it quickly spread to the United States.

Between 2010 and 2012, at the peak of the film photography collapse, large companies were discontinuing emulsions. However, because Lomography was considered as a small company, it was agile enough to announce emulsions. One of the most popular emulsions is the Lomochrome Purple.

Chris Gampat, Editor in Chief at Phoblographer did an amazing review of Lomography's 800 speed color negative! You should check it out here!

Lomography has gained wild popularity with  its instant cameras. I purchased an Lomo' Instant Mini on a cruise a couple years back. I also purchased the Lomo' Instant Wide for my wife as a birthday gift!

These cameras gave instant film a much better credibility. Initially, with a limited camera selection from Fujifilm, Lomography provides a bit more freedom for creativity with an internal light meter for variable apertures, exposure compensation, multiple exposure, and bulb mode.

I am new to the instant photography world and never really gave it much attention. However, owning two of these cameras, I keep it handy when I want to give a keepsake to a client or for myself.

Music Credit: Johan Lilja - The Improv